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Welcome to Cryptoselfmade!

We are a group of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts that have seen a great opportunity with the boom and exorbitant growth that the cryptocurrencies have had in the recent years.

How have this story (journey) begun? Years ago we started to invest in mining, but we later noticed that there was a more efficient way to “mine” coins. This way was called “coin staking”. It was quite profitable because we didn’t need any hardware or graphic cards to generate new crypto coins. But the industry evolved itself and then we discovered an opportunity way better than staking.

2 ideas – 1 Concept – a unique Vision Vladimir Galabov (CEO of Cryptoselfmade) and Emanuele Melchionda (2nd. CEO of Cryptoselfmade) back in 2017 we had the vision to create a multi crypto platform and connect 2 things – Network Marketing with Cryptocurrency.
 That is why we decided to put our knowledge together and create a unique Masternode Hosting Service Platform on MLM Basis because our vision and mission is to expand the cryptocurrency network and Further we want to create for our users and partners a financial independence. With a tool still unknown for the majority, but that is the heart of this market: the masternodes.

How to use Cryptoselfmade?

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Training Academy

Here you can develop your entrepreneurial mindset and work on your skills!

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Custom Unique Landing Pages

Grow your time with ease, using team building automation

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Professional Marketing Tools

Track your conversions, the sales of your team members and their activities.

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Discover and experience the excitement of the mining 3.0 technology

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Multi-Level Affiliate System

Scale your income with our fully automated affiliate and payment systems.

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Military-Grade Security

Our Community is protected by high-end security technologies.

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Events & Webinars on a Regular Basis

Attend our online events and learn everything about branding and leadership.

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Multi-Business Platform

Build Multiple Longterm Streams of Possitive Income

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No easy way to set up

To set up a Masternode you need IT knowledge or you can use a website that takes a percentage.

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Easy One Click Setup

Full control over your coins.Earn additional money for recommending our service

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